A Massachusetts native and Professor of Philosophy, I pursued a longtime career in university administration, research, and teaching. My areas of teaching specialization include ancient Greek and medieval philosophy; Buddhist philosophy; women philosophers; ethics; animal ethics; and philosophy of art. A 2005 sabbatical leave was key to my development as a Philosopher-Artist. While conducting philosophy research, I became aware of vibrant, abstract images accumulating in my mind’s eye. An “outsider” or self-taught artist, I immediately began painting in acrylic on large scale canvases. In 2006 I gained representation through Hawthorn Gallery (Springfield, MO) and in 2008 I became a Signature Member of Women Artists of the Midwest. My paintings have appeared in solo/group exhibits and juried shows including the 2009 Trevisan International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Ferrara, Italy. My paintings consist of vibrant, saturated colors and abstract images inspired by early 20th c. Abstract Expressionism as well as Buddhism, Taoism, and New England Transcendentalism. In my experience, abstract expressionist painting continues to be a powerful vehicle for self-exploration and discovery. 

Following my retirement from higher education in 2014, I had the great pleasure of serving as the Gallery and Arts Education Director at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport, MA (2015-2017). Since then this native New Englander has journeyed south in order to finally enjoy life as a full-time painter under the immense, brilliant skies of Texas!

Lisa Esposito, PhD (2018)