CV – Professor of Philosophy

PHD  University of Toronto, Canada (Philosophy)
MSL  Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, Canada
MA    University of Toronto
MA    University of York, England
BA     Wheaton College, MA, USA

Ancient Greek Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Buddhism and Eastern Philosophies
History of Women Philosophers
Ethics/Values Analysis
Animal Ethics

Professor of Philosophy (2012)
Associate Professor of Philosophy (2004)
Chair, Division of Humanities and Fine Arts (2002-2005)
Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion (2001-2012)

Interdisciplinary Project on Philosophy and Art

“The Search for Reality: An Interdisciplinary Path to the Truth Within” (in progress)
This interdisciplinary project involves the “scholarship of integration” (original research and creative work that synthesize knowledge across disciplines). This project incorporates: a) reading in the history and philosophy of Modern Art, particularly Abstract Expressionism of the late 19th through mid-20th century; b) examining artwork of select early modernist and abstract expressionist painters from Russia, Germany, France, and the United States; and c) ultimately, exploring in two series of paintings and companion essays philosophical reflections on Nature, solitude, spiritual interiority, and the actualization of the “self” drawn from Abstract Expressionism and New England Transcendentalism.
Publications and Conference Papers
Topics include history of women philosophers; Zen Buddhism and Zazen meditation; Tibetan Buddhism; Buddhism in the West; Hindu psychology and religious practice; ancient Greek and medieval psychology and metaphysics.